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3 Ways Email Encryption Will Protect Your Business

Email has become one of the main sources of communication among businesses. Because so much important information is transferred via email, it is necessary to have a layer of protection for your company data. Email encryption makes data unreadable for anyone who isn’t authorized to view it. Essentially, it converts your message into a code! This creates a layer of protection from anyone who might try to steal your data (it happens more often than you might think!). 

For an encrypted email to be in readable form, you must have the proper key to gain authorized access to the email, and “decode” (or decrypt) the message. So, when the person you sent the message to receives the message, if they are authorized, your message will appear in readable form.

Key Benefits of Encrypted Email:

1. Privacy – What makes emailing unsecure in the first place?  When you send an email, it travels through different nodes (AKA systems or devices) along the network until it reaches its destination. Because it passes through so many nodes, it can be easily intercepted and tampered with. However, encrypted emails are much harder to access and tamper with because they require special authorization keys in order to access the email. 

2. Compliance – In the state of Washington, certain businesses are required by law to keep their data safe from hackers. For example, within the medical field it is essential to keep patient health information private. If you do not meet HIPAA compliance standards, you run the risk of being sued or even shut down! Encrypted emails assist in preventing any unwanted parties from gaining access to your important confidential records. This is a great way to keep your business compliant with these laws. 

3. Protection – Prevent scammers from using your email domain to phish for information. Email encryption uses a digital signature with every email you send. The recipient of the email can check the digital signature to easily see if the email has been sent by you, of it is spam. This creates another layer of security and generates trust between your emails and your business. 

While encrypting your emails will decrease your risk of being hacked, it is NOT the only recommended step to protect yourself and your business. Email encryption does not protect you from the effects of clicking on malicious links, from internet connection hacks, or from getting your password hacked. 

While there is no way to completely immunize your business to cyber-attacks, we encourage everyone to learn the basics about cybersecurity. A lack of security can drive customers away, so it is especially important that businesses implement proper procedures to safeguard their systems and data. Read our other blog posts to learn more, or contact us with specific questions regarding the security of your business (KNS & Sequim I.T. offer free consultations to assess your Network’s security risk!):

Thanks for reading! Kitsap Networking Services & Sequim I.T. is a local company (with multiple locations), offering professional I.T. services and support to the professional service industry! We specialize in Medical Outpatient Clinics and Professional Businesses. Visit our website for more information on how we can help you protect your business. 


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