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Windows 11 recommendations

What does Kitsap Networking and Sequim I.T. recommend to our valuable clients in regards to upgrading Windows 11?

Our technicians want to make it very clear that Windows 11 is still in it's "infancy" and has not yet arrived at the same standard that Windows 10 is currently at. With that said, we don’t recommend you being an early adopter or a “guinea pig”, also worth mentioning is that not all software you currently have is ready for this upgrade.

It is important to understand that Windows 10 will still have 5 years of security updates before there is an actual need to upgrade to Windows 11 and it most likely will require you and your company to purchase new computers, unless your computer is fairly new and have a 8th generation processor.

Another reason for you to wait to upgrade your systems to Windows 11 is the support time, our technicians are working hard to learn and getting used to the new interface, because of that, waiting a little longer might be the most beneficial for your company.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

360-516-6741 | KNS Office, Silverdale

360-504-3272 | Sequim I.T. Office, Sequim


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