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What does this service entail?

Over the past few years, we have recognized the dynamic nature of the security landscape, where maintaining the security of your data and equipment presents an ongoing challenge. In this context, we are pleased to introduce our Comprehensive Security Service, designed to enhance the security posture of your company significantly.


  • Hardware asset and software inventory.

  • Active antivirus utilizing advanced AI learning and real time monitoring. Includes roll back feature using volume shadow copy and review from Security Operations Center (SOC).

  • Constant review of software inventory and existing patch status for zero day vulnerabilities. Includes remediation guidelines for ensuring devices are kept up to date and secure.

  • Active monitoring of running processes.


  • Increase security of your local and cloud servers to limit access to unnecessary resources for all staff members.

  • Implement accounts of least privilege to minimize human error or negligence impacting company data.

  • Set security defaults in place for all accounts on the network.

  • Increase logging and audit trail capabilities for investigation and log retention.

  • Security updates to group policy to prevent unauthorized scripts from running on the network.


  • MFA requires a second means of authentication when logging in with a username and password. This can vary from a text code sent to your cell phone or email or by utilizing a secure random code generation authenticator app.

  • Enabling MFA greatly increases security by eliminating brute force attacks. Without access to the secondary form of authentication logins are rejected.

  • Using third party tools Windows based logins for administrative accounts in your network can be configured to require MFA to finish the login process.


  • Monthly software inventory checks.

  • Monthly review of network device firmware.

  • Monthly audit of wireless network devices for tampering.


  • Encrypting hard drives will prevent a stolen or misplaced piece of hardware from having the data stored on internal hard drives from being extracted without root access to the operating system.

  • The BitLocker Windows service can accomplish this task on any currently compliant Windows Professional or Windows Server operating system.

  • Along with the other security measures put in place by our Comprehensive Security Plan, encrypting data adds an additional level of security to prevent local data breaches.

third party vendor provided management solutions CHECKS

  • Third party vendors providing company management solutions routinely have updates and patches for their software.

  • Staying up to date as these updates are released helps ensure applications run smoothly and securely in your network environment.

  • Kitsap Networking and Sequim I.T. can help keep you informed as these updates become available and will work with your staff to schedule installation to minimize downtime and increase productivity.

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