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What exactly does MSP entail?

MSP is the practice of utilizing an IT support provider to handle your day-to-day IT management and technical support. When it comes to business IT, savvy companies know that smart IT management prevents costly failures and protects profitability. We provide our MSP clients with IT support when disasters strike - like system crashes, down time, and data loss. However, MSP allows us to remotely manage your systems - keeping disasters from happening in the first place!

Remote Monitoring and Management

MSP gives us the ability to remotely monitor and manage your computers, servers, network, and applications. Our techs receive real-time notifications regarding the health of your systems.

Work from Home Solution

Our MSP clients receive a remote desktop license for each computer enrolled on MSP. This can be used working from home and accessing work resources from the comfort of your own home. It's safer, more reliable, and faster than traditional VPN's

Proactive Solutions

Clients experience better performance, fewer glitches, and practically zero downtime. Our patch management program helps detect issues early, preventing them from escalating into more expensive repairs, and minimizing downtime.

Asset Tracking

Our MSP software allows us to track and monitor the performance of each of our client’s systems. If a system is nearing full storage capacity, our dashboard will receive an alert advising our management team to clear up storage space on that system. This process allows us to monitor and maintain the health of each client’s system, and stay proactive when planning computer replacements.

This also allows us to develop yearly cost projection reports for your business; these reports can assist you in making accurate projections for future IT needs. Read more about our IT Assessment and Planning.

Antivirus Integration

Our MSP clients get bundled with Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus. This software delivers multi-vector protection for endpoints, networks, and threat intelligence services to protect businesses and individuals.

Predictable Spending

Our MSP clients receive substantial discounts on our IT services. In addition, our Managed IT services program saves you money by helping minimize expensive network disasters.

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