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5 Tips for Computer Cleanup

Is your computer running slow, out of space, or cluttered with apps and junk files you don’t use? It might be time for a computer cleanup. A digital cleanup can assist you computer in performance and responsiveness. Some tips to increase performance and enhance your computer include:

1. Remove Old Files & Programs As your PC ages, the hard drive may begin to fill up lose space and possibly run slower. Removing old programs helps to free up space. Programs can be removed in the Windows Add or Remove Programs application. Another place to check is your temporary files or download folder. Typically these folders are filled with duplicate files, installer applications and files that are no longer being used. Its good practice to access these folders and remove files that are no longer needed.

2. Defragment your Hard Drive By defragementing your computer the operating system removes gaps in the data of your hard drive, moving them closer to the middle of the disc. This in turn makes the hard drive quicker and increases the performance of your computer. Although, it is an important reminder that this type of technology does not apply to SSD drives.

3. Remove Programs from Startup To increase performance another method can be to remove programs used during startup. This can be done in the task manager.

From the task manager you can disable any apps that are programmed to run upon startup. By disabling certain applications from booting it can increase the performance.

4. Cleaning your Desktop Its always great to have shortcuts. They provide convenience in event you would like to locate a file. Although, one of the simplest methods to clean your computer is by removing files from your desktop. Creating folders and allocating files into them can immediately reduce the amount of clutter on your desktop.

5. Recycle Emptying your trash bin removes files that are no longer needed. While deleting files from your recycling may permanently remove the files from your computer, it provides the hard drive with more space. If there is more items in the recycling bin it could mean there is a large amount of memory space waiting to be freed up.

For more tips and tricks on how to increase your computers performance check out our other blog posts. Contact Kitsap Networking Services for any of our tech services at (360)-516-6741.


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