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A Closer look at Offsite Backups!

This is the 6th week of our 7 week service showcase! Many businesses know that their data is backed up, but they do not know how their offsite backup works; today we will be showcasing the specifics of offsite backup.

The process to setting up offsite backups is very straight forward. First, we install the backup program onto your workstations and or servers. Second, you select the most important files that you want backed up and choose your backup schedule. Third, after the initial seed (full backup of your data), only changed/ new files will be uploaded daily. Fourth, restore; with your files backed up you can select all of them or just specific files, you can also choose specific dates to recover files from. And lastly, access; you can access your files from any device and anywhere on the web.

Another big question about offsite backup is where the data resides? The data is kept on redundant cloud servers which are located in controlled facilities in different parts of the country. The servers and facilities housing the data meet government standards to ensure that all the data is protected.

Another feature that our software offers is that it can back up multiple workstations and servers on the same account; the cost of offsite data backup is not determined by how many computers or servers you have, it is determined by how much data you need backed up! If you have ten computers but only need to back up 25GB of data, you will only be charged for that 25 GB of data!

We can offer large and small amounts of offsite data, if you would like a quote, give us a call and we will schedule a tech to look into how much data your company would typically need! If you found this article helpful at all let us know! Look for tomorrows post on the management and monitoring for your offsite data and how it works!


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