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Benefits of Managed Services: Antivirus Protection

A common misconception is that many small-medium sized businesses are not at risk for viruses due to their size. In which case, is untrue. Without proper antivirus your organization can be at risk.

Consider some of the benefits of a managed antivirus:

  1. 24/7 Monitoring – Managed antivirus ensures that your devices are consistently being monitored for threats all the time. It runs real-time scans to prevent occurrence of attacks and directly communicates with a web console to relay all important aspects of your devices security.

  2. Security Coverage – Good malware has to be able to protect against the most dangerous of threats. With consist updates being offered by a antivirus provider you are able to stay on top of potential threats.

  3.  Customize Management – Policies can additionally be in place in order to fulfill certain needs of the client. Each workstation can be individually modified in order to provide access to certain programs or files if needed.

At KNS, we offer virus protection through Webroot. Webroot offers many of the features that can assist with defending your devices. Some benefits of using Webroot Secureanywhere include:

  1. Online Account Console for Monitoring – Devices can be monitored 24/7 through an online portal. View your devices health and determine which applications or programs are blocked or unblocked. Webroot also allows predictive protection for offline devices.

  2. Low Performance Usage – By using Webroot SecureAnywhere you are using less computer performance. This lightweight antivirus ensures that your computer is protected without hindering performance. This means it is 98% smaller and 3.5 times faster than the average antivirus product.

  3. Instant Protection from New Threats – Because Webroot SecureAnywhere runs from the cloud it can provide immediate , each file that runs on a device that is protected with Webroot SecureAnywhere is analyzed to validate if the file is good or bad. Webroot also includes web protection against malicious links, web results, or URL’s.

  4. Infection Remediation – In case your computer is infected with a virus, Webroot offers automatic infection remediation. That means files are infected can be returned to its original state.

Managed antivirus assists in keeping your devices clean from emerging malware on servers and workstations. Contact Kitsap Networking Services for more information on our managed antivirus at (360)-516-6741.


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