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Benefits of Managed Services: Updates

With managed services you can reduce the risk, hassle and expense of patching vulnerabilities. Our software patching management provides detection and remediation of Windows and third-party software updates. With consistent updates and hardware management we strive to ensure that your system is running at optimum performance for reliability to your users.

As major breaches are found to be regular subject of news, governmental regulation and compliance are implemented to safeguard personal data. Important legislation, such as HIPAA or DFARS, define strict terms for information technology to protect data. With compliance being essential to how businesses run, a managed service can make following these regulations easy. With scheduled updates and on-going monitoring, an MSP (Managed Services Provider) can deliver cutting edge technology and security to ensure compliance measures.

Benefits of Updating with a Managed Services Provider include:

  1. Compliance – Patching updates assure that compliance practices are followed and reduces risk.

  2. Security – Computers receive automatic updates which are an essential component for security.

  3. Competition – Windows and third-party software are updated to the latest version giving you latest software features and capabilities.

  4. Productivity – Computers are most productive when they receive the latest software fixes and improvements.

Kitsap Networking offers managed services including security patches and software updates to ensure your time is focused on your core business that provides value to your members.

Our Approach

  1. Discovery – Initially, we perform a discovery that locates information about the device and gather details for the implementation process.

  2. Implementation – Next, we define the software update and patching policies. This includes scheduling computer roles or user groups that fits your needs.

  3. Remote Monitoring and Management – Finally, we analyze and evaluate patches and update computers and software based on predefined patching policies and schedules. We manage updates to minimize business impact and maximize productivity.

For more information on our MSP services please contact Kitsap Networking Services at (360)-516-6741.


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