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Fraudulent emails? Beware of Phishing Attacks!

Have you received an email that has a questionable origin? Suspicious emails that are fraudulent use phishing techniques in order to gain access to confidential information or install malicious software.

How do you prevent a phishing attack from infecting your computer? An email from a friend or colleague may come from a hacked account. If you recieve a questionable email it is best to contact the sender directly in order to ensure the validity of the email. It is best practice to never send sensitive information through email. It is also important to not respond directly to a suspicious email until it has been confirmed that it is from a valid source.

If you have recieved a fradulent email from a hacked account or suspicious contact it is best practice to contact your IT company.

At Kitsap Networking we offer email services that can assist with preventing phishing attacks from infecting your devices. Contact Kitsap Networking Services at (360)-516-6741 in order to get more information.


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