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Get down to Business by Getting your Website UP

With businesses starting to slowly reopen in Kitsap and Clallam County, everyone is scrambling to market and get their business back up off the ground. Now more than ever, YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE MATTERS.

Consumers are asking a number of questions before deciding who to bring their business to. Questions like:

  1. Are they open?

  2. Is their office taking walk-ins?

  3. What kind of protections are in place?

  4. What are their hours?

  5. Have prices been adjusted?

This is a call to action. If you are a business owner, you need to dust off that old password sheet, log into your website, and reconnect with your customers. The problem for many business owners is they have NO idea how to edit their own website (or it’s just too complicated/time consuming to figure it out). As a result, many businesses don’t frequently update their website, causing their otherwise loyal customers to not purchase their goods and services – or worse, their customers are heading to competitors.

On a similar note, many business owners are forced to pay a web developer high monthly maintenance fees just so they will make a simple change to their website.

We recommend every business owner take control of their online presence. If you are not making changes to your site directly… we have a proposal for you. Why not switch to a website platform that looks professional AND is user-friendly? There are many exceptional web hosting and development platforms that fit every business owner’s dream:

  1. Easy to create

  2. Easy to edit and update

  3. Cheap

Even if you are all thumbs when it comes to computers, you’ll very likely find these two sites very simple to use.

Wix – – Wix is one of the user-friendly web development platforms in the industry, and is our personal recommendation. Sites made with it will be mobile-friendly, beautiful, and fast. Creating and updating your site cannot get any easier than with Wix.

Squarespace – – Squarespace is one of the more popular options in the consumer friendly website development game. It uses a simple drag and drop interface that is incredibly intuitive and forgiving of mistakes. Squarespace is great for getting simple websites up and running quickly.

Switching web platforms for your site can be intimidating – You may not want to spend valuable time learning how to set everything up, or you simply don’t want to dive in without an expert to guide you in the initial decisions to be made for your site. If at the end of the day you don’t feel comfortable with making a new site or managing your old one by yourself, please reach out to us! Our team will gladly assist you with making whatever changes you may have. We want to help you regain control over your online presence and are more than happy to answer any questions you can think of.


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