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Hard Drives, Backups & Failures

Are you at risk for hard drive failure? The hard drive is an integral piece of hardware that is used to store your data. Failure of your hard drive can cause your computer to halt and make the data inaccessible. In which case, it is important to practice backups and test the hard drive health.

What are signs of hard drive failure?

SymptomsSource of Issue

How to ProtectSystem Failure: Is your computer failing or giving you errors?A bad sector on the hard drive is usually the source of issue. Although, system failures can also be caused by other hardware failure such as CPU or motherboard.· Backup your PC data.

· Run diagnostic on your PC.

· Clean your PC.PC Slow Down: Is your computer taking longer to load software or has missing files?Slow computers are another sign of a bad sector on the hard drive. Missing or corrupt files can be caused by failing sections on the drive or a virus affecting the file system.· Keep virus software up to date and use routinely.

· Keep data backups up to date.Failure to Detect Hard Drive: Is your computer not being able to read or detect your hard drive?An undetected hard drive can be caused by an unreliable power source, hard drive settings or a dead hard drive.· Plan for power outages.

· Established settings are consistent with hard drive.

If your PC experiences any of these symptoms it may require to be diagnosed to determine the possibility of a hard drive failure. A built-in feature offered by Windows to check the disk for file integrity is the “CHKDSK” system tool. Running this tool can fix logical file system errors and determine the status of hard disks.

Has your hard drive failed? Are you in need of recovering data or setting up a backup? At Kitsap Networking Services we offer MSP backups, hard drive recovery and hard drive swapping services. For more information please contact Kitsap Networking Services.


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