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How it will Benefit your Company

Today is the last day of highlighting Patch Management and how this feature of our Managed Service Software can help your Company. Next week will be in week 3 of our 7 week write ups and it will cover our Onsite Backup solution called Shadow Protect!

With the Patch Management portion of our Managed Services Software you will see problems with your business drastically drop. Statically up to date systems run much more effectively and break fix scenarios are greatly reduced. Think of it as regular maintenance on your car, going to the chiropractor or getting your teeth cleaned; regular maintenance to keep the system, of any sort, running at maximum capacity. This leads to more productive employees in the workplace and more importantly less problems for the owner to have to deal with.

Having our Managed Service Software will save you A LOT of money. Instead of spending $1000.00 a month on having a tech come out every other week to install the patches on all of the computers in your office we will be able to instantly update them. When you have a tech come out twice a month it leaves a big gap of time open between updates allowing hackers to potentially get into your systems.

Please let us know if you found this helpful or if you would like to set up a time for us to quote what it would cost to get our Managed Services Software in your office. This concludes our Patch Managed week, look for next week’s posts on our Onsite Backup Shadow Protect!


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