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How much am I spending on IT?

Businesses often overlook IT costs and do not factor these expenses into their operation cost. As a result, it ends up being a surprise when they end up spending more than what they expected. By detailing your IT expenses on a yearly basis it can provide you with expectation of your IT budget.

Some important tips for planning your IT budget include:

  1. Defining the scope of your budget.

  2. Calculate hard,ware, software and current costs.

  3. Considering upgrades, and routine maintenance.

  4. Plan for business growth.

  5. Extend your budget for support costs.

  6. Invest into IT training

  7. Examining your spending in previous years.

Need help planning your IT budget? Let Kitsap Networking assist you in developing an IT budget that fits your companies goals. Contact us at (360)-516-6741.


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