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How Much Should A Business Spend on Technology?

It’s important to plan for the future of your business. In order to effectively do so, business owners need to keep track of the assets you have, and to be aware of how long those assets will be useful. This is where IT Asset Management comes into play.

What is IT Asset Management? IT Asset Management is the process of managing all technology-related hardware or software in your organization (such as servers, computers, printers, battery backups, antivirus, and so on).

What does it mean to manage your IT infrastructure? This process typically includes strategic courses of action that will help your business get the most out of your IT infrastructure. When managing your infrastructure, it’s important to consider current software licenses, all technology-related hardware/software, and your business’s budget. For example, a company who tracks the age of their current workstations can proactively plan and budget to replace them as needed. Replacing older workstations with newer workstations can increase productivity and workflow.

The goal of managing your IT infrastructure is to optimize the lifespan of your devices, and to be aware of when your business will need to update/replace (and therefore budget for) certain hardware or software. By utilizing Asset Management in your business, you can generate a report that shows you what you should expect to spend on IT related items.

Our goal is to help you plan for the future of your business, and help you get the most out of your IT support staff. With our IT Assessment and Planning, we analyze your business’s needs and objectives, and then work with you to formulate a customized technology strategy and budget for the next 1-5 years.

Our assessment and subsequent report will clearly outline every area of IT your business will need in order to increase productivity. This includes quotes on hardware, software, backups, break/fix scenarios, and other budget items you will need to stay up to date. We have had numerous clients tell us this is one of the best services we offer!

Next week our blog post will cover how IT Asset Management will generate profit for your business. Stay tuned for that upcoming post!

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