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How much should you spend on I.T. this year?

Year-End Budget Evaluation is right around the corner. An IT Assessment & Plan can help you make accurate IT cost projections to include in your business’ budget.

Every successful business needs a budget. Your business is more likely to make money when you are strategic about how you spend it. While developing your budget, it’s crucial to factor in I.T. costs, especially since most businesses rely heavily on their computers, the internet, and other technology for daily work.

Have you noticed the impact malfunctioning computers have on your business? I.T. downtime – periods when technology isn’t working – results in serious financial and productivity loss (read more about the effects of IT downtime here).

So… how to avoid this?

Strategically planning when and what to purchase – that’s how. The bottom line is, businesses need to spend money to make money. But if you’re not anticipating replacement and other service costs, technology issues can cause a major and unexpected blow to your company’s finances.

It is understandably difficult for many managers to know when and what they need to purchase for new I.T. equipment. This is where our IT Budget comes into play. With our IT Assessment and Planning service, our professionals help you to anticipate necessary spending – saving your company money in the long run.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Our professionals work with you to assess your business’s needs & objectives

  2. We then formulate a customized technology strategy & budget – This covers 1-5 years of budget planning. The final report outlines every area of I.T. your business will need to increase productivity, including: hardware, software, backups, hourly service needs, managed services, and more.

  3. We turn the plans over to you, and follow up with you periodically to help keep your business on track with needed updates.

It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s necessary.

But don’t just take our word for it. Sequim Free Clinic, one of our clients in Sequim, has said this is one of the best services we offer:

“The IT budget plan we received from KNS/Sequim IT has been SO helpful for us as a non-profit medical clinic. Our donors want to help where we need it – the budget plan helps me to tell them exactly when and what we need to spend money on each year (a new server one year, updated computers the next, etc). It has saved me a lot of headache and money the past few years!”  –  Sequim Free Clinic, Executive Director

Start planning for the future of your business today. Give us a call at 360-516-6741.

Read more about the importance of IT Budgets by reading our article “Are you Under-Spending on I.T. Services?

[As a side note, our company does not make any money off the hardware we recommend to our clients. We maintain gold-level relationships with our vendors, and pass these savings on to our clients – hooray!]


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