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How Shadow Protect can Benefit you.

This week we are focusing on Shadow Protect which is one of our solutions to backup. Yesterday we talked about how much downtime can cost you; today we will be going over how Shadow Protect can benefit your company. Downtime in any business can be detrimental and losing data can be the end of any business. Small businesses usually do not have expansive budgets like larger businesses do so any loss of time affects them on a much larger scale. Small Law Offices, Medical Office and Accounting Firms are most affected by downtime and data loss, especially during the busy seasons. If businesses like these are unable to operate for even a few hours, thousands of dollars are at stake. This is why a strong IT structure is crucial to preventing disruptive and damaging downtime.

Here are a few of the top causes of downtime in the workplace that can affect your business and a few ways to correct them:

Hardware Issues: Servers are a crucial piece of hardware for doing basic day-to-day operations. When a server crashes or becomes unavailable, the business no longer has access to data and programs the server houses. This can cause large amounts of downtime for a business. It is crucial to keep your servers and all other hardware properly working and maintained to prevent this type of hardware induced downtime.

How to Correct Hardware Downtime: If you are experiencing a lot of hardware-related downtime, your servers and other hardware are not being monitored properly. An IT company helps prevent hardware-related downtime through active monitoring. Close network surveillance lets your IT Company know the current state of hardware. When your company experiences hardware failure, a good IT company is instantly aware of it. The proper hardware repairs are then made to further prevent any more downtime.

Software Issues: Software updates are the main cause of software downtime. Though updates are made to improve software, it doesn’t always work as planned. Updates occasionally cause additional bugs to form in programs, making it hard or impossible to use the software correctly.

How to Correct Software Downtime: If you keep experiencing software-related downtime, your software updates are not being properly monitored. Just like hardware monitoring, a good IT Company also monitors a business’ software usage. The IT Company monitors the software’s updates to ensure there are no bugs or any other issues that cause downtime.

Human Caused Errors: Even with all the right hardware and software in place, sometimes honest mistakes cause downtime. Virus and malware infections are the main culprits to human-caused downtime. Employees receive emails with malicious links from anonymous senders, or senders posing as legitimate sources, and after a few clicks, a company’s entire system is infected.

How to Correct Human-Error- Caused- Downtime: IT Company’s should set up businesses with the right security systems to prevent downtime. Businesses often purchase security software to prevent any infections. With our Managed Service Software the threat of viruses infecting your system is greatly diminished.

Having proper backup and security settings can save you BIG TIME in your business, set up an appointment with us today to see what Kitsap Networking Services can do for your business! Look for tomorrow’s post on the recovery steps for Shadow Protect!


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