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How to Choose a New Computer

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Is your computer out of date? Taking its time to logon, slowly loading a website, or an application? Or maybe you are new to computers and would like to join the digital age. It could be time for a new computer!

Although such a daunting task can be complicated and is often confusing with so many options. So how do you decide in a wide array of choices? This guide will assist you through the process.

Step 1: Desktop vs. Laptop

Deciding between a laptop or a desktop computer. If you like being mobile and on the go then a laptop may be more suitable to your needs.  Although a stationary device allows you with the ability to swap old hardware, increased performance and a significantly lower cost.

Step 2: Usage

What will you be using your computer for? Are you using this computer for basic office work? Maybe an intense gamer who likes to stay at the cutting edge? Choosing the right type of computer may depend upon the intended use of your computer.

Step 3: Budget

How much can you afford? While price may be relative to everyone, a perk of building your own computer is being able to budget each part effectively to your own liking. You get exactly what you want for what you can afford. There is also always the option of buying a pre-built computer or a laptop. In which case¸ determining a budget provides you with a practical idea of what kind of computer to purchase.

These are just some of the steps the determine your new computer purchase. It is also important that when you purchase a new computer to create an effective backup. MSP offers the ability to back up at lightning speeds with high availability. In the case you do happen to lose your data, MSP backups are able to retrieve it and have your computer up and running in minutes!

For more tips and tricks on upgrading a computer or questions about our MSP backup service please contact Kitsap Networking Services.


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