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How to Repair Microsoft Office

Is your Microsoft Office program giving you trouble? Whenever a faulty driver, incompatible software or corrupted file occurs within a Microsoft Office program it causes the application to shut down or crash until you resolve the root cause of the issue.

In which case, an Office 365 application is corrupt or missing you can try to run it using safe mode. What safe mode does is that it disables add-ins, prevents faulty drivers and incompatible software from loading.

To run a Microsoft office application in safe mode: 1. Press Windows Key + R simultatneously. A run dialog box will open to where you can input the following commands. 2. Use any of the following commands to run an office program in Safe Mode: winword /safe excel /safe powerpoint /safe mspub /safe visio /safe

While this may act as a short-term repair method, it allows you to gain access to an Office application to disable add-ins that may affect Microsoft Office.

Running an office repair installation can assist in fixing missing or corrupted components.

To run a office repair installation: 1. Press Windows Key + X. 2. Select Programs and Features. 3. Scroll down and select Microsoft Office 365. 4. Right-click the program entry; choose Repair.

Are you having trouble with Microsoft Office? Contact Kitsap Networking for many of our troubleshooting services at (360)-516-6741.


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