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Importance of Documenting Hardware on Systems

Over the next 7 weeks we will be telling you about our managed service software! This week we are focusing on the importance of asset tracking and how it can benefit your company. These are going to be short informational write ups that will only take you a few minutes to read. We hope you enjoy them!

“Asset Tracking” is a module that is a part of our Manage Software Service offering.  Asset Tracking is an important aspect in documenting your systems and network.   Capturing all of your hardware and listing it in a reviewable format is the first step in streamlining your systems for reporting.  Our Manage Services Software allow us to view all of the hardware on your computers and servers real-time and keep it in an organized log so we can easily access it and relay that information on to you.

An example of where Asset Tracking is used is in preparation for software updates.  Upgrading your software on your server you might have to upgrade certain pieces of hardware in order for that software to run, if it is not compatible, you could be facing larger issues in the software might not work at all.  Our software allows for a review process; know what components you currently have and if a hardware upgrade would be needed PRIOR to installing software that will not run on your system. 

Use this same technology as a yearly review model.  Now you can affectively budget I.T. costs and be pro-active on your network!! Look for tomorrow’s post on the importance of documenting software! Call us today if you would like to chat with one of our techs about what our managed software services can do for your company!


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