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KNS Initial review of Windows 10

There are a few new (and old) things that you will find with Windows 10. The most noticeable one is the start bar.  The start bar for Windows 10 has combined the start bar from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, so it has live tiles as well as the ability to search like on the Windows 7 start bar. You can customize the start bar to have more or less live tiles; you can put the more important ones on top, and get rid of the ones you do not want or need. There is also Cortana on the start bar. She is a personal assistant, similar to Siri on IPhones or Echo on Amazon. She learns the more you ask her and if she doesn’t know an answer to something she is asked, she will direct you to a Bing page.

Most people’s main concern is that their current programs will not transfer over to Windows 10, or that is will be completely different like Windows 8, but that is not the case. If Windows 7 or 8 was supported any of the old programs, it will support them on Windows 10. A lot of people are also concerned that it costs money to switch over to Windows 10, but it does not; it is free to upgrade to for the first year, but after that is when they will start to charge you to upgrade. When you boot up or restart your computer there is the option to use the previous platform or to use the new Windows 10 platform.

Windows 10 has made itself a lot more clean and efficient with this new upgrade. It has taken all of the problems that people had with Windows 8 and solved them completely. It takes a little while to get used to but I HIGHLY recommend that people download it while you have the free upgrade. Let us know what you think and feel free to visit our Facebook page or website if you have any questions!

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