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Making the Move to Office 365? We can help!

Office 365 acts as a robust email solution that can be significantly beneficial to your organization. In which case, migrating your current email can require some planning.

Determine how many mailboxes will need to be moved over. This will give us an idea of which devices need to have office 365 setup and how much time it will take. While Exchange migrations can be simple, a POP/IMAP migration may require manually uploading through Outlook to the new accounts.

The next step is logging into the DNS host to make the make the necessary changes. After this is complete the email should be routed to Office 365 instead of the old email. The transfer from your old mail system to Office 365 can take time to complete. It is usually estimated within a few hours or days to make the transition.

Once the email migration is complete it is also important to setup features and settings appropriately. This includes setting up signatures, auto-complete history in Outlook and adjusting settings. Finally, other devices, such as phones can be setup and automatically configured to sync with Office 365 settings.

Are you looking to migrate to Office 365? Kitsap Networking Services offers Office 365 Migration solutions for businesses. Please give us a call at (360)-516-6741 for your information technology needs.


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