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Managing and Monitoring

Why managing and monitoring your data is important? Today we will be answering that question! It is the 4th day highlighting our offsite backup service and we will be telling you about the managing and monitoring portion of our offsite backup!

We receive a report for every successful backup and a warning when we have not run a backup for a certain amount of days. We have the ability to remotely manage what files are backed up and can restore files directly to the computer or to another system in the event of a hard drive or system failure. This minimizes downtime drastically if you find yourself in that situation. Our backup is HIPAA and Government compliant and only costs $1.00 per GB you need backed up.

Our techs also monitor the amount of data you have and how much space you have left. This is beneficial to you because if you are growing your business you will need more data backed up weekly. We can increase the amount of data you need backed up instantly.

Offsite backup is the safest way to keep your information safe and there could not be an easier way to get your files back if they are lost, the only variable is your internet speed! If you are interested in learning more about our offsite backups please call our office today! Tomorrow we will be walking you through the recovery steps in the event something happens to your local data!


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