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Network contingency plans!

Why is it important to have all your network and vendor information in one place for easy access?

This is known as a contingency plan or also referred to as a disaster recovery plan. In these types of plans a document or group of documents are designed to help a business designate a course of action for possible situations. A contingency plan can encompass many aspects of a business but in our business an IT based contingency plan will help direct end users to the correct solution. These directives, if properly organized, will help guide the end-user through the proper steps to troubleshoot the issue and get the proper department involved to implement a fix!

Since this plan involves the technical side of your business it should contain your network, vendor, and IT provider’s information. When constructing your IT contingency plan make sure to have a well-organized address book that contains your IT department’s information as well as any vendor phone numbers, email addresses, and points of contacts within. Other pertinent information that needs to be in this plan is your network information which includes items such as your WiFi name & password, User passwords (if desired), and if possible any website or domain info. The more details, the easier it will be for your IT provider to find a quick remedy to any of your problems!


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