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Password Storage? Keep your Credentials Safe!

Are you someone who places sticky notes as a reminder of your login information? Doing so can be a huge security breach. In this guide we will explore the different options to password storage and how you can effectively manage your device’s private information.

Write down your passwords and store in a private location: The simplest method is to write down your password in a notebook and store it in a confidential location that cannot be accessed by the public. Safe storage for passwords can include a safe, and lockable file cabinets.

Use a password manager: A password manager offers the flexibility to store your credentials across a wide variety of devices with ease. With so many passwords to remember, a password manager offers the simplicity of storing multiple passwords in a single location.

Leave it with your IT department: Passwords are integral to your IT department. Most IT departments use software to store private or important password information. Such software use encryption to ensure that the data stored is secured and out of reach from hackers. Leaving your password with your IT department is a great way to ensure your password is in safe hands.

Contact Kitsap Networking Services at (360)-516-6741 for more information on our password storage services and how we can integrate password storage to your organization.


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