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Patching your System

Are you receiving the alert to update your computer? With the latest event of the Meltdown and Spectre bug that has affected millions of devices, it emphasizes the need to keep current on the latest security patches and upgrades. Most of the updates are provided by your operating system platform. With flaws constantly being discovered and hackers exploiting them, it is important to keep software and systems patched. The latest updates can ensure your computer is safe from the newest bugs that are out to compromise your system.

How are you to manually update your device? In windows it is very simple to update your system. All that is required is to open the Control Panel, navigate to the Update & Security section, and select the Check for Updates button. This will analyze your system for any missing updates and will even give you the option to install various optional patches that can be supportive to the performance of your machine.

Another great feature offered within the Update & Security section is the ability to carry out automatic updates. Automatic Update can be specifically timed throughout the day. In which case you are busy and unable to reboot your computer during the day, you can also setup the update to complete when you are away. This provides convenience and establishes a specific update schedule that can be aligned with your own.

Are you a MSP client with Kitsap Networking? MSP clients are offered automatic updates that are suited to every system needs. We make sure our clients are kept up to date on updates as well as other processes. If you would like to learn more about updates or our MSP service, please contact Kitsap Networking Services.


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