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Proactive View of Systems

This is the last day of our focus on the importance of asset tracking and how it can benefit your company. Over the next 6 weeks we will be telling you about our managed service software! Today we are focusing on being proactive with your systems. These are going to be short informational write ups that will only take you a few minutes to read. We hope you enjoy them!

With our software we can Access detailed hardware and software information on your Dashboard anytime, anywhere – right down to serial numbers, software versions, processor type, memory, and more. We can spot banned software and take action before it causes problems. In the end it provides you, the customer, with detailed inventory reports. This is extremely helpful and saves you time in the long run from keeping a up to date log of all of your data. It also saves you from trying to find out how much space is left on your computer or figuring out if your hardware is failing.  In short we get the FULL view of your system on our dashboard; health, items, monitoring, and management.  Let our software become your I.T. Department with Managed Services!

This concludes our week of asset tracking and how it benefits your business; if you are left wanting to learn more about it please contact us by phone or email and we would love to give you more information! If you are curious as to how this can specifically help your business we can set up a time to stop by your office and further discuss it. We hope you enjoyed the first section of 7 weeks of write ups, look for next week’s topic on Patch management!


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