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Ransomware Attack Prevention: Backup Your Data!

What is your companies backup plan in case of a disaster? In recent events, reports have emerged that a type of malware, otherwise known as Ransomware, limits users from accessing their system or personal files. Ransomware typically spreads through phishing emails and spreads onto the network affecting multiple computers. Such a disaster can render a companies device useless and data unrecoverable. With a backup plan in place your company can ensure that your data is secured and easily recoverable.

Cloud backups are a great method to ensure your data is secured. A benefit to having a cloud backup is keeping your data off of your network and stored in a secure location. Hardware failure isn’t a problem in having a cloud backup and only requires internet connectivity in order to upload data from a network onto the cloud backup. In the case your companies data is compromised it can be readily recoverable through the cloud backup.

How about keeping a backup onsite? While a cloud backup may not always be a viable option you can always backup your data onsite using an external hard drive. An onsite method of protecting your data against ransomware is creating a backup plan with hard drive swaps. This means swapping the external backup hard drive on a weekly basis. Doing so can prevent the hard drive from being infected with malware, possible data loss and prevent backup data from being compromised. In which case, it also enables a higher level of data integrity and enforces an additional layer of protection.

Is your company data safe from Ransomware? Contact Kitsap Networking for a backup evaluation at (360)-516-6741.


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