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Recovery Steps

Today is the last day of this week’s Shadow Protect informational showcase; we will be talking about the recovery steps inside of Shadow Protect. Next week we will be focusing on Security.

In the event of a system failure whether that is due to a hacker or hardware failure we can take the most recent “picture” of your server with all of the data and software and reload it onto another server. This can be as fast as 45 minutes in certain instances. If you have hardware failure we can simply reload it onto another device or in the event of a hacker we can wipe the server and reload it onto the same server. There are two options with Shadow Protect when it comes to recovery data; first, there is an image backup which captures all of your data files as well as the programs (Microsoft, Quickbooks ect.) with their respective information and will reload those to their original state, and second file level recovery. File level recovery only captures your files and images NOT the programs themselves.

By using Shadow protect, you are ensuring that your data will never be lost, your client’s information is always secure, and that you will never have to go through the nightmare of trying to start again from scratch. Shadow protect is the responsible choice for businesses who are storing any files or information that is unique or irreplaceable.

This concludes our Shadow Protect Showcase. Please check in on Monday to find out more about Security and what we would recommend for your company. If you are interested in finding out more on how Shadow Protect can help your company in the event of an emergency please contact our office today!


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