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Reporting on Assets

Today is day 3 of our 5 day write up on Asset Tracking.  Once again Asset Tracking provides multiple solutions; hardware and software reporting were covered in the first two days, today we will be diving into the ways those reports can be used in the workplace to save you time and money!

Reporting on Assets

All of the hardware and software that has been captured via Asset Tracking can now be presented in a viewable format.  This information can provide multiple uses:

   1) Yearly I.T. review of your systems

        2) Comparable reporting to make sure systems meet software requirements

        3) Government reporting and auditing

        4) Internal asset tracking

There are numerous different uses available with one touch reporting.  What use to take hours now takes minutes and the information is easily accessible in online form.  Looking for new Client Relations software?  Download the system specs from the vendor and compare them with your Asset Tracking module to know exactly what your hardware costs will be to implement the new software.


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