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Shadow Protect- What it is and How it Works!

Last week was week 2 of our 7 week services showcase and we focused on Patch Management; Patch Management is part of our Managed Service Software, it keeps your patches, both Microsoft and third party, updated so that the risk of getting a virus via email and internet browsing is greatly lowered. This week we will be telling you all about our Shadow Protect backup option that we offer to our clients.  It is truly an industry leader in backup solutions and a product that we recommend to ALL of our clients!

Shadow Protect is licensed software that is installed to your server or workstation.  The software takes a snapshot of your entire server/workstation, compresses the snapshot into a backup file and saves it to a local USB hard drive or NAS (network attached storage).  It can store and update data in a variety of ways depending on what best suits your business, here are a few examples:

· Execute a one-time full backup that you can archive

· Schedule backups to occur automatically

· Schedule incremental backups to run as often as every 15 minutes

· Set up full backups to be differential to save on storage space

· Manage the retention of backup images

Shadow Protect has two different types of data backup and recovery it can do. It can capture everything from systems, applications, configuration settings, services, and data on your servers. It can back up programs such as Microsoft, Exchange, and other critical applications. Another important feature of Shadow Protect allows it to encrypt a backup job to protect backup images in order to securely protect data. Once it has done all of this it automatically updates any of the new changes to the NAS.

If you found yourself wanting more information on how Shadow Protect can benefit your company please contact our office today and we can set up a time to come in and tell you more about it. Look for tomorrows post on the pricing between Shadow Protect and other similar products!


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