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SSL for Secure Web Browsing

Phishing is one of the fastest growing threats on the internet and has become popular among hackers due to its effective method to get access to confidential user information. SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is the standard base for implementing a secure and encrypted link between devices. The importance of SSL is that information you send on the internet is sent between computer to computer until it arrives to its destination server. SSL ensures that all data transferred between the web server and browser remains confidential. This popular method of encryption is used by millions of websites in order to protect online transactions.

How can you tell if a website SSL Certified? Before giving your information to a website you should always check to make sure it is secure. A method of doing that is to check the SSL Certificate. If the url of a website begins with “https” instead of “http” then it means the site is using a secured SSL certificate.

For more information on SSL for secure web browsing please contact Kitsap Networking at (360)-516-6741.


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