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System Performance Checks

It is day 4 of our 5 day write up and we are going to talk about system performance checks. Just a reminder that over the next 7 weeks we will be sharing valuable tech information with you.  Please check in daily for new content.  This week we are continuing to focus on the importance of Asset Tracking and how it can benefit your company.

The first 3 days we covered how Asset Tracking compiles your systems hardware and software and outlined some of the benefits of using it regularly.  Today we are going to talk about System Monitoring – Performance Checks which is another key feature of our Asset Tracking module that is found in our Managed Services offering.

Performance checks monitor over 15 hardware resources on your workstations and over 25 different services on your servers.  In the past our techs had to manually review each workstation and server and look at all these settings individually.  The time involved in doing so was huge!  Our Managed Services Software is installed on each computer and server in your network and these “checks” are automatically run every 30 minutes; Reports are sent back to our office and reviewed hourly.  We can now be proactive in monitoring your systems with a real time look at how each computer/server is acting on your network.  Tomorrow we are going to give examples of how this can benefit your office/network.


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