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The Benefits of having Anti-Virus and Anti- Malware.

Many people do have heard of viruses and malware but they do not know the differences between viruses and malware; today we will be telling you the benefits of having anti-virus and anti-malware! Viruses are a specific type of malware (designed to replicate and spread), While malware is a broad term used to describe all sorts of unwanted or malicious code. Malware can include viruses, spyware, adware, nagware, Trojans, worms, and more. However, because viruses made headlines a few years ago, most security companies focused their marketing on them, which is why they’re called “anti-virus.”

Other tools call themselves “anti-malware,” but malware is a broad term that includes viruses—so it isn’t clear which threats they cover either. So, we set out to find out which tools cover which threats, and how to keep yourself 100% covered. Many people think their anti-malware tool also protects them from viruses, even when it does not, and vice-versa. The focus of online criminals has shifted and therefore malware has changed. Criminals see today’s online society as an opportunity to steal personal data including credit card and banking details, pins and passwords, and information such as home addresses, phone numbers and even the names of family members. Criminals can, for example, write malicious code and distribute it in the form of a Trojan virus. The Trojan virus can collect personal data which can be sold to crime organizations who can then steal money directly from the victims bank account.

However, no one tool can catch everything. So, we suggest you install one security tool that scans for as much as possible, and one that protects you from threats while you surf the web, install applications, and open files. Then, install another anti-malware tool that has automated settings to make sure nothing got through or has been overlooked. With this combination, you’ll protect your business from as much as possible while saving money long term.

If you are left wondering if you have both anti-virus and antimalware let us know and we can set up a complementary consultation to check out what you already have. We hope you found this useful! This concludes our week highlighting Managed Antivirus! Next week we will be focusing on the importance of online backup!

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