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The Benefits of having Real Time Updates!

Today is the second day we are talking about our managed antivirus and how it can help your business. The managed antivirus software we use gives us real time updates on your computers and servers. Real time updates allow us to monitor and protect those systems without costing you hundreds a month on having someone come in and monitor them daily.

Managing software takes a lot of resources. Renewing, updating, and maintaining antivirus licenses are essential for security, but easy to neglect. One infected machine can mean lost productivity and costly repairs. Protect yourself, your workers, and free up valuable IT time with our Managed Antivirus solution. Our continuous monitoring minimizes threats to your workstations and servers. If virus activity is detected, immediate action can be taken automatically. Daily reports are emailed to us notifying us about the health status of your network. Managed Antivirus takes the worry out of antivirus protection and maintenance.

Update and infection monitoring ensures your antivirus software is current and working properly. Monthly billing means you can add or remove licenses as your business changes; no money is wasted on unneeded software! With real time updates our managed antivirus keeps antivirus/antispyware software up-to-date, protects you against new threats and is very affordable.

If this is something you would like to learn more about please contact us today and we can discuss more about how this can benefit your business! Tomorrow we are going to talk about how this can benefit your company!!


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