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The Effects of not having your Anti-Virus Properly Managed.

It is day 4 of the managed antivirus week! Today we will be talking about the effects of not having your antivirus managed properly. Antivirus software isn’t just for home users. Businesses with multiple computer systems and servers are prone to malicious software on the internet just like anyone else, perhaps more so. Malicious software in general doesn’t have a specific target. It targets anyone and everyone. Small businesses that may only have one computer that backs up once a week stand to lose a week worth of data. Others may not even back up and stand to lose everything in an instant.

The larger issue is not losing data. It is where that data goes. Hackers develop malicious software to steal data. Take a small dental clinic for example. They might have 5,000 records in their office on one computer system. If every client used a credit card, not only can a hacker steal the credit card information, but also names, social security numbers, addresses, and bank information. Basically, this is the theft of 5,000 people s identifying information. Hackers can also steal the company s information as well if it is stored on that PC, from passwords to bank account information.

Almost all companies rely heavily on their computer systems to keep track of data, day-to-day tasks and money. Even small businesses have moved away from pen and paper tracking, leaving ledger books to accumulate dust in storage bays. Years of data used to take up huge amounts of space with filing cabinets and boxes of records and paper in a storage closet, rarely accessed. The only thing a company had to worry about was flooding, fire and rodents. All of those millions of files can now be contained in a single computer system, even on hard drives as small as 2.5 inches.

Computers also carry the risk of damage by floods and fire, rodents not so much. However, there is an additional risk to keeping all of your data on a computer: hackers and malicious software (malware). Much of the internet is strewn with this malware, designed to steal data wherever it can. Small and large businesses alike are at risk of losing thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of data. The risk of not running antivirus software on business computer systems is increased tenfold over that of the average home user. Businesses stand to lose their entire company because of malicious software, something that could be prevented with as little as a $35 investment in managed antivirus software.

If you do not have managed antivirus please contact us today to discuss your options. Look for tomorrow’s post on the benefits of having anti-malware and anti-virus on your systems!


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