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Traveling for Work? Setup a VPN for Remote-Access!

Are you working from home but need access to your company files located on a network? A remote-access VPN connection allows a user to connect with a remote computer network. This allows a user to securely access the network from a separate computer without having to be at the location. The VPN, otherwise known as a virtual private server, extends the private network across a public network and enables a user to transfer data throughout the network as if they were directory connected to that network. Worried about security? A VPN tunnel ensures that the transfer of data is encrypted. Therefore any applications running in the VPN network are properly secured within a private network.

Some examples of uses for a VPN include: Accessing a business/home network while traveling: A VPN allows a user to access a network from a public network onto a private network. In the case you are traveling and need access to important data located on your office computer, a remote-access VPN can allow you to log in to your office network and access your device.

Hiding your activity from your local network or ISP: A VPN acts as a proxy that can cover your internet footsteps. The way it does this is by redirecting your internet traffic, hiding your computer when it is making contact with a webstie.

Transfering files onto a network: On the road and need to transfer files from your laptop onto a network? A VPN connection allows you to connect to your office network to access files or transfer data.

Interested in setting up a VPN at your home or business? Contact Kitsap Networking at (360)-516-6741 for more information.


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