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What Are Some Benefits to Having an External Hard Drive?

External hard drives connect to your computer using USB connections. These hard drives are affordable and a great way to share files on computers. There are several advantages and reasons why people might want to use external hard drives. We have compiled just a few of the many reasons why you would benefit from having one of these amazing devices!

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  1. Large Capacities:

External hard drives come in many different increments of Terabytes (TB’s). 1TB is the equivalent to 1000 Gigabytes (GB’s). As a reference a typical Blu-ray movie contains about 8GB’s of data. So even at the smallest 1TB external hard drive you can store hundreds of movies, files and pictures. That means you can store all your most valuable data on your external drive and free up space on your computer!

  1. Back-Up Capabilities 

It’s always a smart idea to have your data backed up. Yes, you can store and save your files directly to your computer. What happens when your computer crashes or get a virus though? All those documents could be gone in an instant, not if you have them saved on an external hard drive! External hard drives work at very high speeds, which makes it very easy to copy files over quickly for safe keeping.

  1. Portability 

One of the best things about external hard drives are how portable they are! This makes it easy to carry them around with you anywhere. They can be plugged into any computer and will be supported instantly without needing to install any drivers.  A standard desktop , like the big computer you have in your home is much larger and isn’t very portable. Laptops are smaller and have been designed to cope with transport but they are still bulky and become hard to carry for prolonged periods of time. Most external hard drives are no bigger than a cell phone so they provide the convinces of having your data with you where ever you go.

  1. Easy to Use

External hard drives are very easy to use. USB devices are automatically detected as soon as they are plugged into any computer. They are automatically supported on Windows and Apple mac computers. As soon as you plug the drive in it will be displayed as a drive on your computer. This makes it possible to treat it exactly like it was an internal drive fitted inside your computer.

And lastly, they are affordable! With reasonable prices depending on how many terabytes you are looking for, the ball park price is around $50 to $200. With all the positive attributes external hard dives have to offer they are great devices to keep around!


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