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Why should your company outsource IT needs?

In a recent study, smaller companies (those with less than 300 employees) are leading the way with outsourcing their IT processes. Some say that estimates of cost savings are as high as 40%. But how do you know if your company should make the switch?

For starters, outsourcing can make costs more predictable; for example, if you sign up for Managed Service Provider (MSP) it would be a set amount, each month that would guarantee that all of your software was up to date. If you back up your data as well, you know that in the event of a crypto wall virus attack on your computer, you already have all of your data safely stored away that you can access with a phone call to us.

Many companies start out outsourcing basic support services (work stations, etc.) and eventually begin to include more advanced operations (security management, for example) in the outsourcing contract. IT outsourcing companies also provide services like virus protection, data backup and recovery, wireless support, purchase consulting, and network architecture.

Some people could argue that it is an unnecessary cost, and that they could “update the programs themselves”, but in the event that a virus were to infiltrate your company, you would need to call in an IT specialist to come in and help save the rest of your data, in the end, it could cost you thousands in lost work and for the specialists time.

The biggest reason to outsource for your IT needs is purely the peace of mind. All of your information is safe, up to date, and you know that if something were to happen, everything would be taken care of. If you don’t have to worry about updating all of your programs and running backups, you will have more time to focus on your company.

Please contact Kitsap Networking Services if you would like any more information on pricing or if you had any further questions about outsourcing your IT needs. Or, check out the Kitsap Networking Service website or Facebook page!


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