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Why We Chose Shadow Protect

Many people wonder why we choose certain products and how those products can benefit their companies. Today we will be telling you why we decided to go Shadow Protect for our local backup solution.

Shadow Protect is a licensed piece of software that is priced per installation, per month.  One of the main benefits of SP is its fixed price; the license is the same price whether it is installed on a Workstation, Laptop, or Server.  This is a huge benefit for clients who want 1 product for all of their systems.  There are some comparable products available online to use and we at Kitsap Networking Services, Inc. have tested them for product comparison.  Symantec Ghost is lower priced for workstations but their server product is far more expensive.  Acronis True image is a subscription based model and support and upgrades cost more.  Shadow Protect is 1 cost for ALL of its features.

The following are the main reasons we chose Shadow Protect for our local backup resource:

1) Ease of use (simple setup, configuration for custom backup sets)

2) Pricing (fixed price for all Operating Systems)

3) Restoration (quick restoration can be used as a local file level backup OR as a full system image recovery)

4) Monitoring/reporting (hourly reporting back to our network center.  We get a wide range of reports for failed, incomplete or missed backups)

5) Support (full local staff with developers on the phone)

The benefit to your company that Shadow Protect gives is its ability to protect your data. If you were to download a virus to your computer accidentally it could have devastating effects on your business, but with Shadow Protect all we have to do is reload the most recent “image” of your system and you can be up and running in as little as 45 minutes!

If you would like more information or if you found this something that could be useful for your office please contact our office and we can schedule a tech to come out and install it or answer any of your questions! Look for tomorrows post on how much Shadow Protect can save you in downtime!


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