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Why You Need a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Do you have a plan in place at your business for when things go wrong? If you suffered a hack or data loss, how would you continue? If you have a disaster recovery plan, you know that you’d recover in these scenarios. Here are some reasons why you need to get regular data backups set up as part of a full disaster recovery plan.

  1. Hardware will fail eventually 

You need to plan for hardware failure. The data on your computer won’t be there forever. Hard drives can fail without prior notice – anytime – no matter how new they are! This is a crucial reason data backups are so important.

  1. Cyberattacks shouldn’t completely halt your business 

If you have a full disaster recovery plan, you don’t have to worry about someone holding your data hostage via ransomware. In this “worst case” scenario, you’d still always be able to simply restore the data you had backed up to get back up and running quickly, and with a lot less hassle.

  1. People make mistakes 

Human error is going to happen sometimes. What if you or someone in your organization accidentally delete a folder/file? A recovery plan will help you get these files back if you need.

  1. You don’t want to lose your clients’ trust 

The damage that could come from losing your clients’ important data could be irreparable… unless you plan for this scenario!

Having a plan in place for data loss gives you the ultimate peace of mind. Downtime for a business is extremely expensive, not to mention stressful. There are so many different things that could cause data loss – just be proactive and have your data backed up regularly with a plan in place for how you would recover it.

Contact us at KNS and Sequim I.T. to learn what the best backup option is for your company.


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